Conservation Foundation


The Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County was founded in 2007 as the fundraising arm of the Conservation District and is a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  The mission of the Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County is to promote, support, and sustain the stewardship, education and conservation activities undertaken by the Lancaster County Conservation District and our local partners.  The primary goal of the Lancaster County Conservation District is to build a sustainable future for all citizens of Lancaster County.


Lancaster Clean Water Partners


The Foundation helps support local water initiatives through the Lancaster Clean Water Partners. The Lancaster Clean Water Partners brings together a diverse group of participating organizations through a common goal of clean and clear water for Lancaster County. We believe that cross-sector collaboration is essential to achieving this goal. The Partnership includes local leaders in business, municipal public service, higher education, conservation planning, non-profit management, and more. We realize that Lancaster County faces a unique set of challenges. Ours is a county with a mix of urban and rural areas, representing a vibrant city and some of the most important agricultural land in the region. Our residents are as diverse as the land they live on. Our goal is to unite these perspectives and use our diversity to fuel nuanced solutions to environmental challenges facing our land and water. here.


Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium


The Foundation also has a steering committee, the Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium, whose primary focus is to provide educational seminars, planning, and outreach for municipalities contending with stormwater related concerns.  You can access their website here.