Erosion and Sedimentation

Under Pennsylvania Law, earth disturbance activities relative to new construction projects are required to utilize Best Management Practices (BMPs) to minimize negative impacts to the water quality of our streams and other water bodies. The size and scope of the BMPs and required planning for the construction project is relative to the amount of proposed earth disturbance.

The Urban Erosion & Sedimentation Control Department in Lancaster County partners with other state and federal agencies to facilitate and administer the Chapter 102 and Chapter 105 programs of the Clean Water Law. Through these programs, the E&S Department also works with landowners, engineers, and municipalities to minimize impacts to local water quality of our streams and other water bodies as new construction projects occur.

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Refer to “Earth Disturbance” Tab for more information on Chapter 102

Refer to “Surface Water Projects” Tab for more information on Chapter 105

Or contact the Lancaster County Conservation District directly for more details at (717)-299-5361 x 5

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