May 27, 2020

Conservation Districts Join the Battle Against the Bug!

In Pennsylvania, Penn State Extension and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture have led the effort in education, control methods, and research of the spotted lanternfly. To meet grant goals and expand the effort, multiple conservation districts across Pennsylvania have received sub-grant funding. Locally, the Lancaster County Conservation District is one of these included. Joseph Robinson and Amanda Goldsmith, the Spotted Lanternfly Technicians in Lancaster County, will be working with municipalities and landowners to help them fund spotted lanternfly treatment. The District has a Municipality Reimbursement Program set up for any tree of heaven treatment or spotted lanternfly treatment done on […]
May 19, 2020

Invasive Species: Spotted Lanternfly’s Unique Impact

When we think of invasive species, environmental destruction is often the first thought that comes to mind. Native species go extinct and ecosystems are permanently damaged. With commonly cited invasive species like emerald ash borers, the fungus that killed chestnut trees, zebra mussels, etc., they have decimated species related to them, predators, and native hosts.  Environmental devastation also leads to economic downfalls and a nuisance impact on the public. Yet, the spotted lanternfly differs from how we perceive invasive species. They are primarily an invasive species threatening to impact local economies.  Environmentally, the spotted lanternfly weakens native trees but does […]
May 11, 2020

Spotted Lanternfly & Tree of Heaven: The Match Made in Heaven

The spotted lanternfly and Ailanthus make quite the dangerous team, and their relationship is complicated to say the least.