Fee Schedule

Stream Encroachment Permit Fees 

GP-1 Fish Habitat Enhancement Structures $50
Gp-2 Small Docks and Boat Launching ramps $175 per structure
GP-3 Bank Rehabilitation, Bank Protection and Gravel Bar Removal $250 per structure
GP-4 Intake and Outfall Structures $200 per structure
GP-5 Utility Line Stream Crossing $250 per structure
GP-6 Agricultural Crossings and Ramps $50 per structure
GP-7 Minor Road Crossings $350 per structure
GP-8 Temporary Road Crossings $175 per structure
GP-9 Agricultural Activities $50

(checks for the above permit fees are made payable to LCCD Clean Water Fund)

As a condition of 25 PA Code, Chapter 105, an E&S Plan review is required for all General Permits (GPs). In addition to the appropriate Chapter 105 GP fee(s) above, a separate fee of $100 will be charged for LCCD to review and approve the respective E&S Plan, unless the GP is submitted as part of a larger common plan of development. Please be advised that the $100 fee is separate from the appropriate Chapter 105 GP fee(s), and shall be made payable to "LCCD."