Earth Disturbance

RequirementsEarth Disturbance
Less Than 5000 Sq.Ft.
Earth Disturbance
5000 Sq.Ft. or Greater
and Less Than 1 Acre
Earth Disturbance
1 Acre or Greater
Installation of E&S BMPsYESYESYES
Required written
E&S Plan on site

YES in High Quality and Exceptional Value watersheds. 

Contact the Lancaster County Conservation District.

Require E&S Plan approval
from Lancaster County
Conservation District
If required by municipality
or other regulation.
If required by municipality
or other regulation.
Required NPDES PermitNONOYES


Agricultural plowing and tilling activities are exempt from NPDES permitting,  however, require a written Agricultural Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plan. Other agricultural activities may be exempt from NPDES as well. Please contact the Lancaster County Conservation District for further guidance in planning and permitting for agricultural activities.