Invasive Species: Spotted Lanternfly’s Unique Impact
May 19, 2020
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Conservation Districts Join the Battle Against the Bug!

Spotted lanternfly egg mass on a deer carcass
Photo credit, Bryce Workman, Lancaster County Conservation District

In Pennsylvania, Penn State Extension and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture have led the effort in education, control methods, and research of the spotted lanternfly. To meet grant goals and expand the effort, multiple conservation districts across Pennsylvania have received sub-grant funding. Locally, the Lancaster County Conservation District is one of these included.

Joseph Robinson and Amanda Goldsmith, the Spotted Lanternfly Technicians in Lancaster County, will be working with municipalities and landowners to help them fund spotted lanternfly treatment. The District has a Municipality Reimbursement Program set up for any tree of heaven treatment or spotted lanternfly treatment done on their properties.  Any municipality that follows the Reimbursement Program guidelines and submits a Reporting Form could be refunded up to $5,000. More information on the Reimbursement Program can be found on the Lancaster County Conservation District’s website under the Education tab. The other focus is working with targeted landowners and business owners to reach more areas across Lancaster County. Joseph and Amanda will be contacting them directly to treat their Tree of Heaven and limit the spread of the spotted lanternfly.

With conservation districts joining the battle against the bug, Penn State Extension and PDA still serve as the main points of contact for information. Questions regarding control and education should still be directed to Extension and questions regarding regulation should be directed to PDA. These organizations will continue to serve as information hubs while conservation districts can focus on local and targeted lanternfly treatment. For citizens of Lancaster County, rest easy and look forward to new control efforts for spotted lanternfly.

-Amanda Goldsmith